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We’ve received the following feedback from one of the clients a month ago. It was big – more than three hundred words long. Too extensive to place at the testimonials page, too good to not being published but fitting great as a stand-alone article at the site. Find the full version below a little bit edited plus some subheadings added so it will be easier for you to read our client’s feedback.

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Writing my essay tasks was a nightmare until a friend of mine told about…

Hi, everyone! My name is Farhan, my family moved to the US when I was only a little boy. I know the English language very well, speak almost without an accent but at school writing my essay tasks was a nightmare until a friend of mine told about Goodessayhelp. I was hesitant and full of doubts but one day I was so overwhelmed with various assignments I had no choice rather than follow Lucy’s advice [Farhan’s friend – editor’s note] and order a couple of essays at this agency. I worried a lot but it turned out fine. Lecturer spotted nothing and I was very pleased to deliver all writing tasks on time.

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Speaking about time, the manager told they will write my essay in a couple of hours. They also promised to make my essay sound like a work of a student of my origin [full customization – editor’s note] and apply a required reference style for me. As it turned out, I had to do nothing but type my name on the new paper and turn it in. The essay was done a couple of hours past the time I’ve expected but I guess it’s nothing serious. My assignment was urgent but I had enough time as a reserve so I believe it was alright.

When I can’t write my essay, I still have an A

Would you like to hear a funny thing? I remember Lucy once told me: “When I can’t write my essay, I still have an A.” After that she smiled and told me nothing. I didn’t pay lots of attention to these words but after I asked an expert to write my college essay for me for the thirst time, I recalled what Lucy said that day. Today neither she nor I regret what we did back then and do now. When the workload is too heavy, I have someone to type my essay for me so I don’t get a poor grade. I study hard, work part-time at my dad’s clinic and feel great about the fact I cope with all the assignments on time. Parents have always taught me to be smart and have a good head on my shoulders. So I follow their advice and recommend you to do the same. Have a nice day, guys!

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